Ayo! My name is Theodore DeVoe, and this is my shop. I'm an artist living in the town of Marquette, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My main goals in creating are for self expression and to create artwork that can be connected to in unique ways by the viewer. 

 I make a large variety of artwork, including paintings, drawings, multimedia pieces, and screenprinted posters and clothing. My main focus is on screenprinting, and that is why my shop only contains screenprinted work. However, if you are interested in seeing what other artwork I make (which is almost all for sale), you can checkout my instagram page, as that is where the majority of it can be viewed from. There is a link to my profile at the bottom of this page, or you can look me up: @sweaty_teddy

If you wish to contact to me for any reason, purchasing artwork, inquiries, help, or even just for a shout, my email is [email protected] or you can dm me through my instagram page. 

Thanks for checking out my biz!